The new normal - house rules

Due to Government measures in the Netherlands in connection with the Covid-19 virus, the café is closed.

How does it work?
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday L&B opens its doors from 17.00-22.00 hours.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the bar is open from 15.00-22.00 hours.

The doors will close at 9.00 pm, no new guests are allowed to enter the bar. This is in accordance with the COVID-19 virus instructions, as announced during the press conference of 28 September last.

The door on the right is the bar's main entrance.
Maintaining the 1.5 metre social distancing we are able to welcome a total of 20 guests.
Members of the same household are allowed to sit together within the 1.5 metre area.
The bartender has an overview of the bar, he decides whether seats are available!
As always: Minimum age limit is 18 years!


Please do not come when you have any symptoms regarding COVID-19. You may be refused admittance.


A (health) check talk (for non-Dutch speakers)

Before entering the bar:

  1. We assume you have no symptoms regarding COVID-19.
  2. It is mandatory to perform a health check according to the RIVM guidelines and the Dutch government.
  3. Therefore, on entering the bar you will receive a form with several questions about your health (regarding possible COVID-19 infection).
  4. Please fill in the form and return it to the barman.

    The bartender can still show you the exit after entry and after the filled in form concerning the health check, if you show signs of the virus.


    A (health) check talk (for Dutch readers)

    Before entering the bar:

    • In the display next to the entrance you will find a poster with a QR-code.
    • Scan the code with your mobile.
    • Answer the seven questions that will pop-up (this will take less than two minutes).
    • When your session is finished and you want to leave the bar, please use the QR-code next to the entrance (inside) before you exit.
    • For more information, see the picture with tips in the right column of this page.


    Please do not come when you have any symptoms regarding COVID-19. You may be refused admittance.

    After entering the bar please use the hand sanitiser which will be available in the windowsill next to the entrance.

    • For the guests seated on the benches against the wall, your drinks will then be placed on a tray on the bar.
    • Payments can be done either in cash or by (contactless) card.



    • Besides cleaning your hands on entering the bar you will also find hand sanitiser bottles on the tables and the bar itself.
    • Having to use the toilet?

            Guests seated at the bar next to the stairs to the toilet may go straight up. Those seated at the back
            and on the other side of the bar exit the bar through the door on the left, enter through the door on the
            right and then go straight up the stairs.

    • Note that there is only room for one person a time to use the toilet, so please wait until someone has returned to his seat before going up.
    • To return to your seat, follow the same route in reverse.
    • The bar, all the tables, and the toilet will be cleaned thoroughly an regurlary.